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The DSpace captures, distribute and preserves digital documents. Here you can find books, periodicals, articles, seminars and studies. The content grows daily as new communities, collections and items are added to the BNDES Digital Library.

The DSpace content is structured in communities, subcommunities Collections and items. Within each community there can be an unlimited number subcommunities and an unlimited number of collections. Each collection may contain an unlimited number of items.


Browse allows you to go through a list of items in some specified order:

Browse by Communities & Collections: list of the communities, subcommunities and collections of BNDES Digital Library in alphabetical order.

Browse by Date:  list in chronological order of all available items in the repository.

Browse by Author:  alphabetical list of all authors in the repository.

Browse by title:  an alphabetical list of all titles of items in the repository.

Browse by subjects: alphabetical list of subjects assigned to items in the repository in english and portuguese language.

in DSpace.

Browse by documents in English:  list of documents in English language.

Browse by documents in Spanish:  list of documents in Spanish language.


You may sign on to the system if you want to receive e-mail updates when  new items are added.  Just click on: Sign on to> My space> Login as External User> New User? Click here to register> Add e-mail adress> Register.

You will receive an e-mail with a verification link.

My DSpace

Is a personal page that is maintained for each member. In this page you can check if there is any task in progress.

Edit Profile 

Allows you to change your password and your personal information.


You can subscribe to receive e-mail alerts of new items added to collections.

To subscribe:

  1. Navigate to a collection for which you would like to receive e-mail alerts;
  2. Click on the "subscribe" button;
  3. Repeat for other collections

To edit your subscriptions, go to the "Receive email updates" page.


To search all of BNDES Digital Library, use the box "Search DSpace" on the navigation bar.


To refine your search to especific communities or collections, navigate to that community or collection and use the search bar on that page.


What is search in the "Search DSpace" box

The word(s) you enter in the search box will be searched against the title, author, subject abstract, series, sponsor and identifier fields of each item's record, and against the full text of all archived documents with Optical Character Recognition 

What is not searchered - Stop words

The search engine ignores certain words that occur frequently in English and Portuguese but do not add value to the search, like:

"a", "as , "o" , "os" , "de" , "para" , "mas" , "por" , "para" , "se , "em" , "at้", "e", "no" , "na" , "num , "numa" , "ou" , "cada", "um" , "uma"

"a", "and" , "are" , "as" , "at" , "be" , "but" , "by" , "for" , "if" , "in" , "into", "is", "it", "no" , "not" , "of" , "on" , "or" , "such", "the" , "to" , "was"

Use the asterisk (*) after after a word stem to get all hits having words starting with that root,


Results: economy; economist, econometry

 Search for phrases

To search using multiple words as a phrase, put quotation marks (") around the phrase.

Exact word match

Put a plus (+) sign before a word if it MUST appear in the search result.


In the following search the word "paper" is optional, but the word "pulp" must be in the result. 

Unwanted words

Put a minus (-) sign before a word if it should not appear in the search results.. Alternatively, you can use NOT. This can limit your search to eliminate unwanted hits.


In the search above you will get items containing the word "pulp", except those that also contain the word "paper".

Boolean searching

The following Boolean operators can be used to combine terms. Note that they must be CAPITALIZED.

AND - to limit searches to find items containing all words or phrases combined with this operator.


The search will retrieve items that contain BOTH the words: "BNDES" and "setorial"

OR to enlarge searches to find items that containing any of the words or phrases surrounding this operator.


The search will retrieve all items that contain EITHER the words ("Pulp", "Paper").

NOT to exclude items containing the word following this operator.

The search will retrieve all items that contain the word "pulp", EXCEPT those that also containing the word "paper".

If no Boolean operator is entered in the search field, the system automatically considers "AND".


Parentheses can be used in the search query to group terms into sets and apply operators to these sets.



The advanced search page allows you to specify the fields you wish to search and to combine these searches using the operators "Equals", "Contains", "Not Equals" and " Not Contains" 

You can restrict your search to a community by clicking on the arrow to the right of the top box. If you want your search to encompass all of DSpace, leave that box in the default position.

How to use Advanced search:

  1. Enter the word or phrase you are searching in the top search box
  2. Select the field to search in the left hand column;
  3. Select the operator in the central column to combine the search.

3. Enter the word or phrase you are searching in the right hand column

2. Click on the button "Add" to add more filters; or

3. Click on the button "Go"